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(Published in the Jacksonville Progress, July 28, 2016)

The author of the July 21 article “BMA Seminary to offer course in comparative religions this fall” writes “The course will compare tenets of Christianity with those of major world religions and domestic cults ...”

One of the denominations the author mentions that the course will look at is Christian Science. Christian Science (The Church of Christ, Scientist) is a Christian religion. Mary Baker Eddy thought of herself as a Christian (half her life as a member of the Congregational Church in New Hampshire). She didn’t become something less than a Christian when she founded Christian Science. Her love of the Bible and the teachings of Jesus led her to found a church devoted to those teachings.

Christian Scientists believe that Jesus Christ shows us that we have a capacity to follow him, to obey him, to find the authority to heal, to cure, even.

St. John writes: “Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God; and every one that loveth is born of God, and knoweth God.” Cults are defined by veneration of person. Christian Scientists worship God and look to Jesus Christ as their way shower. They follow Christ, not person.

While writing this letter, I am reminded of the humble words a friend once shared with a group of Christian leaders: “I know that there are some of you who may not think I belong at the table, but I’m sure glad all of you are at the table. I’ve learned deeply from your presence.”

- Keith Wommack, Christian Science Committee on Publication for Texas

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