Thursday, December 8, 2016, 22:05

The PBS program “In Their Own Words” which documented Jim Henson’s life aired throughout the US September 1-15. Henson is most known for his funny and playful Muppets.

Throughout the program, friends and family describe Henson as a creative genius and a good man who treated everyone with respect. The interviewees state, “He had a higher calling in mind, which is to be good,” and “He rarely got sick.”

An interviewee, as well, mentions that Henson’s mother was a Christian Scientist but that he didn’t practice the religion. And, unfortunately, the interviewee then implies that Christian Science must have influenced his passing because he avoided doctors.

Is it fair to pick and choose what influence Christian Science may have had on Henson’s life, when he is not here to speak for himself?

What if Christian Science was the reason he was so creative, had vision, and was such a good man? What if “he rarely got sick” because of the early Christian Science influence? And why would he need to avoid doctors if “he rarely got sick”?

The Christian Scientists I know don’t avoid what makes them healthy and successful. They utilize Christian Science prayerful treatment as a first choice for their health care needs because of its effectiveness in their lives.   

I enjoyed the PBS program. I learned of Henson’s special imagination and ingenuity. Too bad speculation clouded a small portion of it.

- Keith Wommack, Christian Science Committee on Publication for Texas


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